5 iulie 2022

Declaraţiile ministrului afacerilor externe Bogdan Aurescu înaintea reuniunii Consiliului Afaceri Externe

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Ministrul Afacerilor Externe Bogdan Aurescu participă luni, 24 ianuarie 2022, la reuniunea miniştrilor afacerilor externe din statele membre ale Uniunii Europene / Consiliul Afaceri Externe (CAE), care are loc la Bruxelles.

Prezentăm, mai jos, transcrierea declaraţiei de presă susţinute de către ministrul afacerilor externe Bogdan Aurescu înaintea începerii reuniunii.
Declaraţia în format video, în limba engleză, este disponibilă aici – http://www.mae.ro/node/57609

Good morning, everybody!

The most important topic on the agenda today is, of course, the security situation in Europe, which is worsening because of the Russian massing of troops in the proximity of Ukraine and in the Black Sea region.

This is a continuation of the discussion we had 10 days ago at Gymnich, in Brest, and today I will reaffirm the position of Romania that the EU has to be visible and vocal on this issue and it’s very important that we are able today to adopt Council Conclusions. And in these Council Conclusions we will state very clearly that the Russian Federation has to de-escalate the situation in the proximity of Ukraine and in the Black Sea region. We will also state very firmly that the concept of „spheres of influence” is obsolete and should not be used in the current context, in the European security context. At the same time, it is very important that those Conclusions support further the fundamental principles of the European security architecture as they are now.

We are also coordinating closely with our partners and that’s why today we will have this virtual meeting with Secretary of State Blinken, after his meeting in Geneva with the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation on Friday.

We have coordinated before and we are coordinating now, after this meeting, and I will express my appreciation for the fact that Secretary Blinken and Minister Lavrov agreed to have further meetings – at least another further meeting. This is a good thing, because dialogue should continue.

This is the purpose of our diplomatic efforts: to stimulate the dialogue in order to reach de-escalation. I would like to remind, in this context, that there is also another invitation for a series of meetings, an invitation of NATO, in the context of the NATO-Russia Council, and it is for Russia to accept this invitation, because Russia has to act in a responsible manner.

At the same time, today I will emphasize the fact that we need to move forward with the preparation of sanctions, because this is the instrument that the EU can use, the most powerful instrument which the EU can use in order to deter a further Russian aggression. This is why I think we have to speed up the preparation of sanctions and the Council Conclusions that we will adopt today will hopefully emphasize this in a resolute manner.

Then, of course, we need to further support the resilience of Ukraine and the other partners in the Eastern Neighbourhood. We have to continue to develop the tools and the efforts of the EU in order to get involved more in the resolution of the other protracted conflicts in the region. So, there are a lot of aspects to be discussed today.

Of course, there are other topics of great interest. We’ve just finished the discussion with the Foreign Minister of Kuwait. We discussed about the relations between the EU and this very important country in the region.

We will have also a very important debate on Syria, and I think we need renewed diplomacy, renewed efforts in order to have, perhaps, a more flexible approach, in support of the proposals of the UN Special Envoy on this file. At the same time, of course, we need to uphold the EU position on Syria that is about the implementation of the Resolution 2254 of the UN.

We will also discuss about Lybia, about Indo-Pacific and, on Indo-Pacific, I will express support for the French efforts to make this file a priority and I’m looking forward to participate in the Forum organized in Paris on the 22nd of February by the French Presidency on this issue.

Thank you!